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Reservation Policies 2023

​Please review our policies below.  These policies are subject to change based on court capacity and in effort to ensure reasonable access.

You can also read the full policy document.


Our courts are open for tennis play between 7am-11pm.  From 8:30am-11pm for pickleball.

We ask that you be fair and share!  Please be considerate if your plans change & cancel your reservations as soon as possible.

We deploy 2 separate reservation approaches in CourtReserve.  To reserve a closed court for you and fellow players , you will select a 'reserve' option on the daily calendar.  For open group play you will sign-up to an 'event' on the calendar.

OTC will monitor court usage, as well as your feedback, and adjust our policies if necessary.

Advance Bookings

4 Court Reservations 

per Week

5 Event Reservations 

per Week

A 'week' is Monday through Sunday


Courts will be available for reservation and event sign-up exactly 7 days and 1 hour prior to the court time.

You can reserve or sign-up for a new week regardless of your reservation and event status for the current week, e.g., if you have 4 reservations this week, on Monday at 08:00 you can reserve a 09:00 court for the following Monday, the start of a new week.

When reserving a pickleball or tennis court during Primetime* you will need to have a minimum of 4 players in order to reserve (you & 3 other players).

* pickleball 'primetime' is Monday thru Friday 8:30-11:30

* tennis 'primetime' is Monday & Thursday 7:00-9:00

Event clinics or lessons with fees are not included in Event limits.

CourtReserve will restrict any player from being on 2 or more concurrent reservations or events.

Players can play on consecutive court times.  Note that both reservations will count against your 7 day limit.

Book a court even after reaching your weekly max !

The OTC allows members to make a reservation or join an event once they have maxed out on their weekly reservations and/or events.

These reservations can be made in CourtReserve up to 36 hours in advance of the court time.

Important:  If you are not maxed out on reservations and/or events, bookings within the 36 hour window will count against your weekly reservation or event max !

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