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OTC Court Safety & Etiquette 


Entering and Exiting Courts

  • Enter and Exit promptly and at your reserved court time. 

  • For Court 1, use GATE 1. 

  • For all other courts, use GATE 2.


  • Be sure to close the gate. 

  • If you are the last to leave the courts, ensure ALL GATES are locked.


  • When crossing a Court, or entering/exiting GATE 2:

  • WAIT for play to stop and approval before crossing

  • QUICKLY cross with ALL your players 

  • Move along the back of the court, or the tennis net when pickleball is in play.


   If no pickleball play immediately following your reservation

  • Roller nets: store alongside the fence with wheels locked.

  • Regular nets: remove net place in storage shed, with 2 people, carry structure to the side yard. 


Returning or Retrieving Balls from Another Court

  • Do NOT chase your ball onto an active court. 

  • WAIT for play to stop and kindly ask for your ball to be returned. 

  • Return the ball ONLY when the player is ready to receive it. 

  • Call “Ball” if a ball will enter another court and affect play or safety. The play stops when someone calls “Ball”.



  • Tennis players typically use 3 balls and don’t need to wait for a ball to be returned to continue play. When serving, a single point can have a first, and second serve as well as multiple lets. Interrupting the point is to be avoided unless a safety issue !

  • Pickleball players use only one ball and one serve. Pickleball players are waiting for their ball to be returned to continue to play.

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