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OTC Court Safety & Etiquette 



  • Promote safe tennis and pickleball (PB) play 

  • Identify unique aspects of tennis & pickleball play 

  • Coach members on how to safely minimize the disruption of play & get  along :)


OTC is a fun & welcoming environment that requires cooperation, courtesy &  patience. 

Entering & Leaving a Court – For Safety & Minimizing Unnecessary Interruptions

  • If players are on Court 1 or 2 use the side door to enter or exit 


If you must cross a court 

  • Do not cross behind a court while play is underway as someone could get  hurt. 

  • Wait for approval prior to crossing. Cross with all your players at once.

  • Move quickly across the back of the court.  


If crossing a PB court you can cross at the tennis net 


Close the gate behind you when you enter or leave the courts 


Returning or Retrieving Balls from Another Court

  • Be Considerate & Be Safe

  • Wait for play on that court to stop and kindly ask for your ball to be returned. Do not chase it 

  • Wait until the player is aware before returning their ball. Return the ball to a  player on the other court. Do not roll the ball to the back of the court. Someone  could step on it.  

  • Call “Ball” if a ball will enter another court & will affect their play or safety. Play stops when someone calls “Ball”.  


Exit court promptly once your time is up

  • Take your belongings with you

  • Remove PB nets (if applicable) 


Things to know that are unique to Tennis and Pickleball 

  • Pickleball uses only one ball & one serve, so tennis players be aware that the PB  players are waiting for their ball to be returned in order to continue to play. 

  • Tennis players typically use 3 balls, so they are not always waiting for a  ball to be returned as they may be in the middle of service.  A single point can have a 1rst & 2nd serve & multiple lets, interrupting the point is to be avoided unless a safety issue

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