2022 Adult Pickleball Programs

This season we have some old favorites as well as trying a few new programs !  There’s something for everyone’s schedule. Take a look at the sample Weekly Schedule posted on this website to find:

  • Instructional clinics (for a modest fee)

  • All level drop-in doubles

  • Competitive drop-in doubles

  • Doubles ladder

  • Special events! Check out what’s planned so far ... here

You know all the rules for pickleball… or do you?! Have a bit of fun with the Pickleball Canada - Online Tests to learn the rules. 


You can also read the Pickleball Rulebook 2022.

Cody Barbeau's Intermediate Pickleball Clinics 3.0 to 3.5 level

These clinics will focus on swing fundamentals to reduce unforced errors, improve consistency and develop playing strategy.


Cody Barbeau's Advanced Pickleball Clinics 3.5 to 4.0+ level
These clinics are designed to help players learn new strategies and techniques by focussing on mechanics, shot selection, defending and strategy.

Joane van Bergen’s Beginner Pickleball Clinics

Let's learn Pickleball!  If you have never played before, start out on the right foot by developing a solid foundation of pickleball fundamentals through this beginner clinic.  Joane will teach you the basic strokes (serve, receive, dink, 3rd shot drop, volley, lob), court rules, court positioning, transition and how to keep score in a fun and supportive environment.


Joane van Bergen’s Low-intermediate Pickleball Clinics

Looking to build off of your fundamental pickleball skills?  This clinic is for advanced-beginners and/or low-intermediate 3.0 players who are looking to level-up.  This clinic offers practical drills and skills to help you beat your opponent.  If you are looking to improve your game with focused drills and understanding strategies on how to get that winning point, sign up.

Members.  Sign up here !

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If your chosen clinic is available, you can buy a Restricted Membership* and then register for the clinic.  Join here !

Restricted Memberships

Adult (16+ years old) Tennis Instructional Clinics ($50) - restricted membership: will allow you to join a clinic for the same price as a full member, and have 1 court reservation per week for the duration of your clinic.

Adult (16+year old) Pickleball Instructional Clinics ($5) - restricted membership: will allow you to join a clinic for the same price as a full member, but you will have no other court playing privileges.)