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2023 OTC Sportspersons of the Year

Every year we ask the members to nominate colleagues whom they feel warrant our 'sportsperson of the year' for both tennis and pickleball.  We recognize them  for their sportsmanship, commitment to the game and for just being folks we enjoy playing with.  This year we honour:

Jeff Lai our Tennis Sportsperson of the Year

Carolyn Roy our Pickleball Sportsperson of the Year 

2022 Club Championships

Congratulations to our 2022 club champions. 

Thanks to our organizers and to all who participated.


Your 2022 Tennis Champions:

  • Mens Singles Competitive: Logan Davis

  • Womens Singles: Ann Lindeis

  • Mens Doubles: Logan Davis & Diego Estan

  • Womens Doubles: Elaine Morris and Arlene McIntosh

  • Mixed Doubles: Ed Nera & Ann Lindeis

Your 2022 Pickleball Champions:

  • Mens Doubles Open:  Yves Dufault & Steve Call

  • Mens Doubles 3.5:  Mike & Noah Potter

  • Mens Singles:  Dan Robitaille

  • Womens Doubles Open:  Paule Pépin & Cat Cote

  • Womens Doubles 3.5:  Kim Williams & Helene Bond

  • Womens Singles:  Hiba Komati

  • Mixed Doubles Open: Dan Robitaille & Carolyn Roy

  • Mixed Doubles 3.5:  Kim Williams & Charles Richardson

  • Junior Doubles:  Noah & Leo Potter

2022 Men's Singles Open.jpeg
2022 Men's Doubles 3.5.jpeg
2022 Women's Doubles 3.5.jpeg
2022 Mixed Doubles 3.5jpeg.jpeg
2022 Junior Doubles.jpeg
2022 Women's Doubles Open.jpeg
2022 Mixed Doubles Open.jpeg
2022 Men's Doubles Open.jpeg
2022 Women's Singles Open.jpeg
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