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Using CourtReserve, members will have exclusive access to court reservations, notifications, event sign-up, membership renewals, payments, a member directory and more.  And all of this is available through a browser based Member Portal or the CourtReserve app.  (Note: this is separate from the OTC website that you are currently viewing)

Member Account & Profile

Members will be directed upon payment to establish a CourtReserve account.  Follow the instructions.  You will be asked to provide a password and to identify your tennis and/or pickleball skill level.  You can also indicate if you wish to be excluded from 'public groups', i.e., not listed in the viewable member directory.

Court Reservations


We know court access is the most important and most used feature for members.  The first thing you will notice is that we now use the term 'reservations'.  This is the term CourtReserve uses for court bookings.  You will see the Reservations button on both the Portal and the CourtReserve app.  

Once you click on the Reservations tab we've been able to preserve the very successful playing alternatives we offered in 2020 ... a calendar of court availability will present both 'reserve' buttons to make a closed court booking (aka Skedda) or a colour filled court time to join a group (aka Benchapp.)  The terminology is different but importantly both familiar playing opportunities will be there again in 2021.

Court Reservations (Skedda)

These are 'closed' bookings where you reserve a court for you and your playing partners.

Minimum of 4, maximum of 5 players for doubles.  Minimum of 2, maximum of 3 for singles.


You will be required to identify your playing partners, including guests.


Courts are generally available in 90 minutes slots.  Some 60 minute slots will be also be available.

Event Sign-Up (Benchapp)

Looking to join an 'open' group of players in your skill level, then sign-up for an 'event.'  It's easy.

Pickleball: beginner, social, competitive, ladder

Tennis: Afternoon Tennis, Family, Junior, beginner, competitive, doubles

Simply look for 'event' times where other pickleball or tennis players are also signing up to play.  Sign-up and monitor the event to see who will join you.

Note: the 'event' option in CourtReserve is also used for tournaments and ladders.

See our Reservations Policies (under the Play tab) for our 2021 'rules' and guidelines for court reservations.

You will be notified by email of your reservations, including group event play.  

You can also cancel a reservations. Other players in your group will be notified.

Learn About CourtReserve

We think the tools and features of CourtReserve can easily be learned by trying them on the Member Portal and the CourtReserve app.  In addition, CourtReserve has posted a number of instructional videos to YouTube.  Check some out and explore others once there.

Member Training Overview

Make a Reservation and Register For An Event

The CourtReserve App