New for 2021 ... 



In addition to our new OTC website, we've implemented CourtReserve, a leading club management software provider.  Much of CourtReserve's functionality will be behind the scene administrative stuff to help us manage our membership, finances, programs, marketing, events and court usage. 


For our members, we think you will be thrilled with great features like a members' directory, notifications, event sign-up and, of course, court reservations.  Members will have access to member features through a browser based Members' Portal or, even better, on the CourtReserve app !  Download it now on to your mobile device or tablet.

We've been able to preserve the very successful playing alternatives we offered in 2020 ... closed court 'reservations' (aka Skedda) and open group 'events' (aka Benchapp.)  The terminology is different with CourtReserve but both popular playing options will be there again in 2021.

Once you reserve a court or sign-up for a group event, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Reservation Policies

Also new for 2021, will be restrictions on the number of reservations or group play during the week.  Check our Court Reservation Policies tab for detailed information.  Our end-of-year member survey clearly identified access to courts as the leading irritant in 2020.  CourtReserve gives us this capability to try to make access fairer.  Please bear with us, as we are experimenting with this concept to start the 2021 season and will adjust, if necessary, as we monitor play and listen to your feedback.

OTC Administration will now be able to broadcast notifications to the member portal and the CourtReserve app when there is any important information to be promptly shared, e.g., court closures.

Court Upgrades

And more exciting news ... we are proceeding with plans to resurface all courts (repairs, paint).  Work is tentatively scheduled for June, 2021. 

Junior Pickleball Development


We will be offering a new approach to juniors, with the hope of increasing participation and increasing the opportunity to improve tennis/pickleball skills among our juniors.