Tournament Registration Guide



Event sign-up is through the CourtReserve Member Portal


Once in the Portal, click on Events and then Filter List.  Select 'Tennis tournaments' or 'Pickleball tournaments'.  You will be presented with all current tournament opportunities for your sport.

Note that there will be separate playing options for each tournament stream, e.g., singles, mixed doubles, advanced open, etc.  You select and register separately for each playing option.  

For each option you can expand and select Click for Details to get additional information including names of those already registered.

Once you select Register, you will be required to provide some additional information before proceeding, e.g., your playing partner for doubles (note: your partner must still register).

If selecting 2 or more playing options, you can select Pay or Cart on your last selection and pay for all streams at that time.  

You will notice options to Withdraw at payment time should you change your mind.  You can also Withdraw at a later time if necessary.  We ask that you do this as early as possible as the tournament organizers will be developing the tournament schedule separately.


If you wish to participate in an OTC tournament, you will first need to 'join' OTC as a 'non-member' member (yes, you read that correctly) in our CourtReserve system. 


As a 'non-member' member, you will have access to CourtReserve and can sign-up for any tournament open to the public via the Events tab.  Your membership will also be valid for a member to include you as a Guest for regular play at the club.  You will be unable to reserve courts yourself.

Once signed up in CourtReserve, you will follow the same process member above for tournament registration.